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up Parent Directory 17-Oct-2018 18:59 - directory essays 18-Apr-2018 19:52 - unknown 1.1.15 MWDN Minimum wage rises.pdf 06-Jan-2015 18:23 248k unknown 1.14.16 MWDN Baker announces economic development grant in Framingham.pdf 22-Jan-2016 14:26 212k unknown 1.22.15 Worcester Magazine Patriots Visit Worcester to Give Coats to the Home... 23-Feb-2015 18:22 324k unknown 1.28.16 MWDN Framingham SMOC launches microloan fund - Copy.pdf 17-Feb-2016 13:10 72k unknown 1.29.16 MWDN Sen. Warren visits SMOC's Head Start program in Framingham.pdf 17-Feb-2016 13:10 96k unknown 1.4.15 Community Advocate Westborough civil rights advocate.pdf 06-Jan-2015 18:23 248k unknown 1.4.15 Telegram A clean sweep makes room for what 2015 will bring.pdf 06-Jan-2015 18:23 92k unknown 10.11.13WickedLocalVAVwalk.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:00 152k unknown 10.14.16 Telegram Agencies launch new program in Worcester helping homeless y... 19-Oct-2016 02:16 44k unknown 10.18.14MWDNStepping up against domestic violence in Framingham.pdf 22-Oct-2014 11:04 332k unknown 10.22.14 MWDN SMOC celebrates its new home.pdf 23-Oct-2014 02:23 272k unknown 10.30.14 Press Release -Team Framingham Charities Announced.pdf 01-Nov-2014 02:42 116k unknown 10.31.14MWDNNumberOfHomelessDoubles.pdf 06-Nov-2014 11:39 140k unknown 11.12.15 Wicked Local Marlborough Evening of Giving on tap Dec.pdf 20-Nov-2015 02:25 88k unknown 11.23.16 MWDN Marlborough Evening of Giving to raise money for Roland's House... 29-Nov-2016 06:20 784k unknown 11.26.15 News 22 Open Pantry hosted 400+ for Thanksgiving Dinner.pdf 30-Dec-2015 08:09 172k unknown 11.28.15 Lowell Sun Lowell shelter agencies work to keep homeless from the co... 30-Dec-2015 08:05 48k unknown 11.9.15 MWDN Women graduate from Framingham clean energy initiative.pdf 20-Nov-2015 02:25 264k unknown 12 25 14 MassLive Open Pantry serves hundreds of meals on Christmas Day ....pdf 14-Jan-2015 02:09 748k unknown 12.11.14HopNewsToys for Toddlers.pdf 13-Dec-2014 06:19 184k unknown 12.12.14BostonGlobeANewStrategyOnShelter.pdf 13-Dec-2014 06:19 256k unknown 12.16.14 MWDN Holiday Lunch Photos.pdf 19-Dec-2014 12:52 420k unknown 12.19.17 MWDN PHOTOS SMOC and United Way hold annual holiday lunch.pdf 05-Jan-2018 04:47 332k unknown 12.21.15 MWDN Framingham Volunteers pitch in on holiday meal for those facing... 30-Dec-2015 08:06 392k unknown 12.25.15 News 22 Open Pantry Community Services hosts its annual Christmas Me... 30-Dec-2015 08:09 256k unknown 12.6.14 Community Advocate Community celebrates 25th anniversary of giving.pdf 10-Dec-2014 01:33 360k unknown 12.7.17 MWDN Marlborough community to showcase generosity at Evening of Givin... 10-Dec-2017 08:05 24k unknown 12.8.14MDNPatrick unveils plan to aid homeless people at Framingham event.pdf 10-Dec-2014 01:33 148k unknown 14696_annual_report.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:00 2740k unknown 2.10.16 BBJ Six banks team up to lend money to small business owners.pdf 17-Feb-2016 13:10 120k unknown 2.10.16 MWDN Framingham WIC's Good Food Project takes benefits to a heal....pdf 17-Feb-2016 13:10 108k unknown 2.10.16 Telegram 6 banks fund SMOC project little loans for small businesses.pdf 17-Feb-2016 13:10 72k unknown 2.12.16 Patch DA Ryan Donates More Than 100 Cell Phones To Voices Against Vio... 17-Feb-2016 13:10 108k unknown 2.17.15 Press release Open House at OC to Honor Outgoing Division Director.pdf 23-Feb-2015 18:22 96k unknown 2.19.16 MassLive Open Pantry Community Services names Matthew CastleMan new e... 20-Feb-2016 12:39 60k unknown 2.22.16 Community Advocate Evening of Giving raises $38,000 for Rolands House... 02-Mar-2016 15:41 296k unknown 2.24.15 Telegram Fond Farewell.pdf 26-Feb-2015 07:39 204k unknown 2.26.15 Community Advocate Evening of Giving Raises $32,500 for Marlborough S... 27-Feb-2015 07:16 252k unknown 2.5.14MWDNWillis House.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:00 152k unknown 2012_SMOC_AR.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:00 512k unknown 2013 Award Winners.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:00 536k unknown 2013 Golf Registration Form.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:00 36k unknown 2013 REGISTRATION FORM_1.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:00 36k unknown 2013 SMOC Annual Report.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 15712k unknown 20131025124002677.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 476k unknown 2014 Annual Report.pdf 29-Oct-2014 04:20 668k unknown 2014 REGISTRATION FORM_1.doc 18-Apr-2014 04:15 36k unknown 2014 Sponsorship Response Form.doc 10-Jul-2014 00:34 40k unknown 2014GolfEventAnnouncement.docx 21-Apr-2014 02:21 5448k unknown 2014_final_report.pdf 15-Oct-2014 14:54 108k unknown 2015 Annual Report.pdf 21-Apr-2016 13:10 2032k unknown 2015 REGISTRATION FORM.doc 19-Aug-2015 19:14 128k unknown 2015 VAV Sponsorship Levels.pdf 01-Sep-2015 13:58 432k unknown 2015 VAV Walk Sponsorship letter.pdf 01-Sep-2015 13:58 476k unknown 20151020125019061.pdf 11-Nov-2015 18:16 528k unknown 2015SerenityFlyer.pdf 11-Apr-2015 11:23 212k unknown 2015finalbyzip.pdf 14-Oct-2015 15:14 80k unknown 2015finalstats.pdf 14-Oct-2015 15:14 108k unknown 2016 REGISTRATION FORM_1.doc 12-Jul-2016 23:09 128k unknown 2016.12.15 Emphasis on Framingham's homeless in frigid nights ahead.pdf 22-Dec-2016 03:14 380k unknown 2016.12.16 Overflow shelters at churches connect Worcester.pdf 22-Dec-2016 03:14 592k unknown 2016.12.23 SMOC Receives $10,000 Fuel Assistance Grant from Bank of America.pdf 29-Dec-2016 11:10 368k unknown 2016.12.25 Open Pantry Continues 20-year Tradition of Serving the Homeless.pdf 31-Dec-2016 05:14 204k unknown 2017 REGISTRATION FORM_1.pdf 30-Aug-2017 19:07 44k unknown 2017.2.12 State saw rapid decrease in homeless families in hotels.pdf 24-Feb-2017 19:02 788k unknown 2017.2.24 Creating feats of clay at Community Kiln in Framingham.pdf 02-Mar-2017 15:17 420k unknown 2017.2.3 District Attorney Ryan Donates Proceeds of Forfeited Phones to Aid D... 24-Feb-2017 19:00 248k unknown 2017.3.4 Program trains MetroWest women for clean energy jobs.pdf 10-Mar-2017 17:21 740k unknown 2017.5.16 LTLC in Shape Thanks to Circle.pdf 18-May-2017 17:08 404k unknown 2017.5.2 Lowell Program for the Homeless Accepts Donation from Circle Health.pdf 03-May-2017 15:29 472k unknown 2017.6.20 Locals Graduate from SMOC HiSET, ESL programs.pdf 21-Jun-2017 15:23 500k unknown 2017.7.13 Framingham Kids Get Soccer Time with Italian Coaches.pdf 14-Jul-2017 17:24 340k unknown 2017.9.19 Natick addiction workshop support loved ones.pdf 21-Sep-2017 02:57 344k unknown 2017.9.20 Voices Against Violence welcomes new Director.pdf 22-Sep-2017 19:33 512k unknown 2017.9.23 Annual Break the Silence Walk in Framingham raises $20,000.pdf 28-Sep-2017 14:51 748k unknown 2017.9.26 Voices Against Violence Offers Many Thanks.pdf 28-Sep-2017 14:51 268k unknown 2018 SMOC Golf Registration Form.pdf 15-Mar-2018 03:34 44k unknown 2018.10.11 Annual Event Raises Record Amount for Voices Against Violence.pdf 12-Oct-2018 15:18 272k unknown 2018.2.16 SMOC Awarded $75,000 Urban Agenda Grant From Baker-Polito Administr... 16-Feb-2018 15:57 588k unknown 2018.6.25 SMOC Students Conquer through Road to Earn Diplomas.pdf 26-Jun-2018 09:24 584k unknown 2018.9.4 Domestic Violence Agency to Host Annual 5K Run Walk to Break the Sil... 09-Sep-2018 16:04 344k unknown 2018.9.4 Voices Against Violence Receives $10,000 Targeted Grant to Advance W... 09-Sep-2018 16:04 560k unknown 2018.9.7 Domestic Violence Agency to Host Annual 5K Run Walk to Break the Sil... 09-Sep-2018 15:58 344k unknown 2018.9.7 Voices Against Violence Receives $10,000 Targeted Grant to Advance W... 09-Sep-2018 15:58 560k unknown 4.14.15 Framingham Patch 3 Running Boston Marathon to Support Voices Against ... 16-Apr-2015 23:27 224k unknown 4.16.16 Telegram Sunday Sitdown Deidra MacLeod-Richardson SMOC loan fund man... 24-Apr-2016 17:25 248k unknown 4.24.14 MWDN SMOC seeks more money to aid homeless.pdf 25-Apr-2014 01:18 156k unknown 4_5_08_fewerpeoplelivinginshelters_wtg.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 24k unknown 5.1.16 Wicked Local Wayland Prints posters and original art bring color conne... 06-May-2016 14:57 412k unknown 5.19.16 MWDN Hudsons Willis House unveils renovated playroom for kids.pdf 03-Jul-2016 16:38 80k unknown 5.27.16 22 News Open Pantry to start growing neighborhood garden.pdf 31-May-2016 18:18 160k unknown 6-5-05.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:01 32k unknown 6.15.15 MWDN Victims of sexual violence find 'angels' at SMOC.pdf 08-Jul-2015 21:21 192k unknown 6.17.15 MassLive Open Pantry Community Services marks 40 years of helping Spr... 08-Jul-2015 21:21 236k unknown 6.17.16 MWDN Framingham Students celebrated for success in language adult edu... 03-Jul-2016 16:38 380k unknown 6.20.15 MWDN SMOC grads overcome adversity.pdf 08-Jul-2015 21:21 280k unknown 6.21.14 MWDN Obstacles overcome.pdf 25-Jun-2014 01:47 172k unknown 6.27.13TelegramOxford.pdf 02-Jul-2014 02:01 248k unknown 6.28.16 Wicked Local Northborough A fresh face for summer.pdf 03-Jul-2016 16:38 144k unknown 7.2.15 MWDN SMOC's go-to person on sobriety retires.pdf 08-Jul-2015 21:21 152k unknown 8.12.16 The Source Ribbon Cutting For New Playspace at SMOC Shelter.pdf 16-Aug-2016 16:22 292k unknown 9.26.15 MWDN Walk, rally to raise money for domestic violence survivors.pdf 02-Oct-2015 16:39 92k unknown 9.30.15 MWDN Framingham- Commission on Women Identifies Challenges.pdf 02-Oct-2015 16:39 248k unknown 990 SMOC 6-30-11.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 560k unknown A Christmas Story.pdf 29-Dec-2015 18:13 68k unknown AFFORDABLE HOUSING LOTTERY ANNOUNCEMENT.pdf 01-Mar-2016 19:40 256k unknown APS & UAs FY2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 96k unknown APS_and_UA_4_1_14.pdf 06-Aug-2014 18:14 64k unknown Annual Report FY' 2012.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:01 24k unknown Annual Report FY' 2013.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:01 24k unknown Application for MRVP.pdf 07-Feb-2018 14:15 128k unknown April 2017 calendar.pdf 27-Mar-2017 15:01 364k unknown April Workshop Calendar.pdf 07-Apr-2016 14:33 268k unknown April2015.pdf 27-Mar-2015 19:41 620k unknown April2016.pdf 29-Mar-2016 14:02 268k unknown April2017.pdf 27-Mar-2017 12:50 236k unknown April2018.pdf 27-Mar-2018 20:23 400k unknown Aug FTHB flyer.pdf 07-Jul-2015 16:31 156k unknown Aug2015.pdf 27-Jul-2015 14:24 524k unknown August2016.pdf 26-Jul-2016 19:38 248k unknown August2017.pdf 01-Aug-2017 15:52 236k unknown August2018.pdf 13-Aug-2018 12:47 428k unknown BF Handout January to April 2017.pdf 01-Mar-2017 18:57 512k unknown BF Handout May to August 2017.pdf 20-Apr-2017 21:26 508k unknown Bowling.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 560k unknown CAEvening3.15.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 244k unknown Child Support or Alimony form.pdf 06-Jun-2018 17:41 52k unknown DHCD Standard Application (State Funded Programs).doc 01-Mar-2016 19:40 372k unknown DHCD Standard Application (State Funded Programs).pdf 02-Jan-2015 18:41 120k unknown Dec2017.pdf 30-Nov-2017 16:07 236k unknown December Workshop calendar.pdf 06-Dec-2016 14:01 196k unknown December2015.pdf 20-Nov-2015 17:04 252k unknown December2016.pdf 29-Nov-2016 21:55 264k [IMG] Disco Mania.jpg 16-Mar-2015 18:07 396k unknown English WIC brochure 2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 524k unknown English WIC brochure 2015.pdf 26-Oct-2015 14:43 476k unknown English WIC brochure 2016 (1).pdf 17-May-2016 19:29 548k unknown English WIC brochure 2016.pdf 01-Mar-2017 18:58 548k unknown English WIC brochure 7 2014.pdf 16-Jul-2014 16:25 356k unknown Evening of Giving 2017.pdf 28-Nov-2017 17:12 304k unknown Event Announcement 2013.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:03 688k unknown Event Announcement 2014.doc 18-Apr-2014 04:15 692k unknown Event Announcement 2015.docx 19-Aug-2015 19:14 1092k unknown Event Announcement 2016.docx 12-Jul-2016 23:09 1092k unknown FREE Weatherization (Retrofit) Installer Training Program.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 236k unknown FTHB 2018.pdf 21-Aug-2018 20:02 84k unknown FTHB APP.pdf 15-May-2017 15:04 256k unknown FTHB April 2016 Class Schedule.pdf 07-Apr-2016 14:36 36k unknown FTHB Class Application.docx 10-Mar-2014 14:03 16k unknown FTHB Class Flyer March 2016doc.pdf 11-Feb-2016 19:48 36k unknown FTHB REG.pdf 21-Oct-2014 15:02 256k unknown FTHB generic.pdf 26-Oct-2016 12:45 52k unknown FTHBNOV.pdf 21-Oct-2014 15:02 140k unknown FTHBONLINE.pdf 19-Jan-2016 18:30 96k unknown FUEL- No Income statement.pdf 06-Jun-2018 17:36 248k unknown FY 2014 LIHEAP Income Eligibility Chart and Benefit Levels - October 2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 16k unknown FY 2016 LIHEAP Income Eligibility and Benefit Chart - October 2015.pdf 23-Dec-2015 16:37 104k unknown FY 2018 LIST OF INTAKE SITES.pdf 07-Nov-2017 19:03 172k unknown FY' 2012 Federal On-site Monitoring Report.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 332k unknown FY' 2013 Line Item Budget and Budget Narrative.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 180k unknown FY' 2014 Line Item Budget and Narrative.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 192k unknown FY' 2016 Head Start Budget.pdf 04-Dec-2015 20:44 11568k unknown FY14 Corporate Audit.pdf 06-Jan-2015 18:24 1556k unknown FY17 Household Data Report.pdf 03-Oct-2017 13:13 1208k unknown FY19 LIHEAP Income & Benefits July_2018.pdf 27-Jul-2018 12:31 108k unknown FY2013 990.pdf 06-Jan-2015 18:24 7308k unknown FY2018-2020 CARSP Board&DHCD Approved.pdf 26-Feb-2018 20:24 3424k unknown FY_2016_Final_Monthly_Report.pdf 17-Nov-2016 13:39 108k unknown FY_2016_Zip_Report.pdf 17-Nov-2016 13:39 80k unknown Feb2017.pdf 30-Jan-2017 16:26 256k unknown Feb2018.pdf 25-Jan-2018 21:25 356k unknown February 2015 Flyer.pdf 03-Feb-2015 14:30 168k unknown February 2017 Calendar - descriptions.pdf 26-Jan-2017 20:31 364k unknown February2016.pdf 26-Jan-2016 18:20 252k unknown Flyer.pdf 02-Apr-2014 02:52 180k unknown Fundraising Onesheet.pdf 17-Aug-2018 15:51 584k unknown Fy2017_income_guidelines.pdf 05-Oct-2016 15:20 64k unknown GFP Cooking Class Flyer _January_June.pdf 01-Mar-2017 18:57 404k unknown GFP flyer.pdf 01-Feb-2018 20:11 404k unknown GJA Registration 6 hour Core CSL CEUs.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown GJA Training Dates 2014.pdf 02-Apr-2014 12:32 164k unknown GJA-Contractor-Flyer.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 132k unknown GJA-Registration-3-day-Crew-(Lead)-Chief.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 116k unknown GJA-Registration-4-day-Crew-(Lead)-Chief.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 116k unknown GJA-Registration-Advanced-Blower-Door.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 112k unknown GJA-Registration-BPI-BA.ES-Clean-Edison.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 116k unknown GJA-Registration-Combustion-Safety.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 104k unknown GJA-Registration-Lead-Safe-Weatherization.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 116k unknown GJA-Registration-OSHA-10.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 116k unknown GJA-Registration-OSHA-30.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown GJA-Registration-RRP-Lead-Renovator.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 116k unknown GJA-Registration-Weatherization-(Retrofit)-Installer.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 116k unknown GJA-Training-Dates.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 56k unknown GJA_Contractor_Flyer_2014.pdf 02-Apr-2014 19:36 68k unknown GJA_FREE_Wx_(Retrofit)_Installer_Training-detailed_info.pdf 02-Apr-2014 19:36 264k unknown GJA_Offering_BPI_CEUs.pdf 02-Apr-2014 19:36 140k unknown GJA_Offering_CSL_CEUs.pdf 02-Apr-2014 19:36 144k unknown GJA_Wx_(Retrofit)_Installer_Upcoming_Info_Sessions.pdf 02-Apr-2014 19:36 136k unknown GWHC Rapid Rehousing Referral form.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 80k unknown GWHC Referral Form2 - releases.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 96k unknown Good Food Project Cooking Classes 7-2017 to 12-2017.pdf 27-Jun-2017 17:57 404k unknown HCEC Monthly Workshop.pdf 08-Feb-2018 15:32 348k unknown HMLP Application 2013 SMOC.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 236k unknown HMLP Application 2017-2018.pdf 01-Mar-2018 13:41 196k unknown HMLP Application.pdf 28-Feb-2018 19:56 196k unknown HMLP-Application-4_2017.pdf 01-Aug-2017 17:28 696k unknown HW2016 ByTown.xlsx 01-Dec-2016 14:16 16k unknown HW2016_ByTown.xlsx 01-Dec-2016 14:22 16k unknown Head Start Annual Report FY' 2015.doc 04-Dec-2015 20:44 24k unknown Head Start Annual Report.doc 09-Aug-2018 18:06 28k unknown Head Start Budget.pdf 09-Aug-2018 18:06 5732k unknown Head Start FY' 2016 Program and School Readiness Goals.pdf 04-Dec-2015 20:44 5768k unknown Hoops and Homework.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 204k unknown INSTRUCTION LIST 2018- SPANISH.pdf 07-Nov-2017 18:39 108k unknown INSTRUCTION_LIST_2017.docx 07-Oct-2016 17:50 248k [HTM] Interagency Council on Homelessness.htm 10-Mar-2014 14:04 256k unknown Intern Volunteer Opportunities.doc 12-Jan-2016 18:29 120k unknown Internship Application.doc 12-Jan-2016 18:29 144k unknown Introduction to Services Workshop flyer.pdf 26-Oct-2016 12:42 192k unknown Jan2018.pdf 02-Jan-2018 19:52 360k unknown January 2015 Flyer.pdf 15-Dec-2014 20:42 140k unknown January 2017 Workshop calendar.pdf 23-Dec-2016 13:57 308k unknown January16.pdf 30-Dec-2016 16:43 252k unknown January17.pdf 30-Dec-2016 16:43 252k unknown January2016.pdf 28-Dec-2015 20:59 268k unknown July2015.pdf 29-Jun-2015 11:48 424k unknown July2016.pdf 21-Jun-2016 14:51 264k unknown July2017.pdf 03-Jul-2017 16:27 228k unknown July2018.pdf 26-Jun-2018 18:44 332k unknown June2015.pdf 08-Jun-2015 14:06 520k unknown June2016.pdf 25-May-2016 14:24 212k unknown June2017.pdf 31-May-2017 15:44 232k unknown KidSpace Flyer.pdf 26-Jan-2017 20:40 904k unknown KidSpace.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:04 148k unknown Louis (March 2017).pdf 20-Mar-2017 16:00 80k unknown Low Income-No Income form.pdf 06-Jun-2018 17:41 48k unknown MRVP SHI Tenant Selection Plan.pdf 01-Mar-2016 19:40 340k unknown MRVP Waiting List Application.pdf 16-May-2014 17:50 124k unknown MWDN 7.23.14 Grant to boost green jobs training in Framingham.pdf 09-Aug-2014 10:42 184k unknown MWDN 8 5 14 New police substation a boost for downtown Framingham.pdf 09-Aug-2014 10:42 340k unknown MWDN7Bishop.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 100k unknown MWDNBJ3.6.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 124k unknown MWDNCommCorp7.18.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 104k unknown MWDNDomestViolence5.27.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 68k unknown MWDNHeadStart4.28.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 164k unknown MWDNHoops.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 168k unknown MWDNMetroWest Harvest1.27.14.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 196k unknown MWDNPerserverance6.21.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 220k unknown MWDNRecovery6.1.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 96k unknown MWDNSummer jobs program9.6.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 16k unknown MWDNVoices Van12.12.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 796k unknown March2016.pdf 24-Feb-2016 14:51 248k unknown March2017.pdf 28-Feb-2017 16:00 232k unknown MassHousing List 4.2016.pdf 07-Apr-2016 14:34 1200k unknown May FTHB flyer.pdf 11-Mar-2015 19:48 156k unknown May2015.pdf 28-Apr-2015 12:24 444k unknown May2016.pdf 27-Apr-2016 20:32 260k unknown May2017.pdf 25-Apr-2017 18:18 232k unknown May2018.pdf 08-May-2018 13:39 356k unknown Monthly Workshop.pdf 11-Jul-2017 14:51 280k unknown NEW_SMOC_location.pdf 19-Feb-2014 21:09 52k unknown NEW_SMOC_location2.pdf 19-Feb-2014 21:07 140k unknown New homeowners class in February - 2015[1].docx 14-Jan-2015 02:09 28k unknown No Mortgage or Home Owner's Insurance.docx 17-Oct-2018 18:59 48k unknown Nov2017.pdf 25-Oct-2017 20:35 228k unknown November2014.pdf 29-Oct-2014 14:03 472k unknown November2015.pdf 03-Nov-2015 16:45 292k unknown November2016.pdf 07-Nov-2016 20:07 288k unknown Oct2015.pdf 24-Sep-2015 19:56 304k unknown Oct2017.pdf 29-Sep-2017 12:21 224k unknown Offering BPI CEUs.pdf 23-Dec-2015 16:13 144k unknown Offering CSL CEUs.pdf 23-Dec-2015 16:13 140k unknown Opportunity Center December Workshop Calendar.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 432k unknown Oxford Lottery flyer 122314.pdf 02-Jan-2015 18:41 112k unknown PDF Happiest Baby side 1.pdf 01-Mar-2017 18:56 1304k unknown Portuguese WIC brochure 2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 508k unknown Portuguese WIC brochure 2015.pdf 26-Oct-2015 14:43 332k unknown Portuguese WIC brochure 2016.pdf 01-Mar-2017 18:56 564k unknown Program and School Readiness Goals.pdf 09-Aug-2018 18:06 2260k unknown Purple Passion 5K Sponsorship form 2017.pdf 29-Jun-2017 19:55 244k unknown Republican 7.23.14 Open Pantry Community Services.pdf 09-Aug-2014 10:42 212k unknown RepublicanOPCSSeniorPantry3.19.14.pdf 25-Mar-2014 12:05 212k unknown Results from CLASS Observations.pdf 09-Aug-2018 18:06 840k unknown RolandHouse_Poster8.5x11-2016.pdf 26-Oct-2016 11:04 300k unknown SMOC 6-30-12 990.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 1208k unknown SMOC Agency Brochure 2016.pdf 12-Jan-2017 20:24 756k unknown SMOC Brochure 2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 4120k unknown SMOC FY11 Final.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 132k unknown SMOC FY12 Final.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 168k unknown SMOC FY13 Audited Financial Statement.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 176k unknown SMOC Org Chart.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 44k unknown SMOC PROPERTY PORTFOLIO - 2015.pdf 07-Oct-2015 16:53 18972k unknown SMOC School Readiness Report 2012-2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 248k unknown SMOC_AR_2011.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 1372k unknown SMOC_TAY_Notification 6-15-16.pdf 16-Jun-2016 11:17 232k unknown Satellite.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 2224k unknown School Readiness Goals and Objectives.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:06 44k unknown Sep FTHB flyer.pdf 26-Aug-2015 20:35 104k unknown Sept2015.pdf 27-Aug-2015 12:40 252k unknown Sept2017.pdf 01-Sep-2017 15:15 232k unknown Serenity Event Flyer.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 180k unknown Spanish WIC brochure 2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 500k unknown Spanish WIC brochure 2015.pdf 26-Oct-2015 14:43 444k unknown Spanish WIC brochure 2016.pdf 01-Mar-2017 18:58 564k unknown TelegramBeginningBridges2.14.14.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 244k unknown TelegramCompassion5.15.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 136k unknown TelegramMLK Center2.2.14.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 252k unknown TelegramTriage5.14.13.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 200k unknown Thumbs.db 10-Mar-2014 14:07 60k unknown VAV 2014 Sponsorship Response Form.pdf 26-Feb-2014 02:22 116k unknown Voices Against Violence Volunteer Application.docx 30-Oct-2014 14:14 16k unknown Voices Sponsor ResponseForm.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 112k unknown Volunteer Application.doc 12-Jan-2016 18:29 156k unknown WBJ2.28.14RWA.pdf 04-Mar-2014 02:43 188k unknown WBJCommCorp.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 136k unknown WIC BF Classes.pdf 02-Feb-2018 15:13 512k unknown WIC Income Guidelines Table.pdf 14-May-2018 19:46 152k unknown WIC and VAV moving.doc 01-Mar-2017 18:57 200k unknown WIC brochure Portuguese 7 2014.pdf 16-Jul-2014 16:26 336k unknown WIC brochure Spanish 7 2014.pdf 16-Jul-2014 16:24 328k unknown WIC_ENG.pdf 25-Sep-2018 18:59 1268k unknown WIC_PT.pdf 25-Sep-2018 18:59 1204k unknown WIC_SP.pdf 25-Sep-2018 18:59 1420k unknown Wic-shopper-mobile-app-flyer.pdf 01-Mar-2017 18:56 540k unknown Worc T&G Triage Ctr Jan 2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 40k unknown Workshops.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 352k unknown Wx (Retrofit) Installer Training Info Session 3.10.2016.pdf 23-Dec-2015 16:13 136k unknown Wx Installer Training Info Session Stay Tuned.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 120k unknown Wx Installer Training-Detailed Info.pdf 28-Dec-2015 20:51 68k [HTM] a plan to end homelessness.html 10-Mar-2014 14:01 24k unknown a-focus-on-me.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 32k unknown ameden, d., lawsuit over.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 136k unknown appliance delivery guidebook 11-27-06.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 1904k unknown april2014.pdf 28-Mar-2014 19:39 304k unknown aps for 10-01-2006.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 20k unknown as demands increase.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:01 40k unknown channel5response-staff.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:01 40k unknown city_zip report 2014.pdf 15-Oct-2014 15:00 80k unknown complaint - exhibits 1-20.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:01 4672k unknown complaint - exhibits 21-29.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:02 8580k unknown complaint - exhibits 30-59.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:02 7004k unknown complaint - exhibits 60-75.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:02 7440k unknown complaint - exhibits 76-83.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 6256k unknown complaint - exhibits 84-92.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 4252k unknown complaint - tab a.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 1332k unknown cuddy-smoc10-28-08.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 36k unknown duxbury.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 284k unknown editorial - a roof of ones own -- globe march29_09.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 24k unknown editorial - feud must end.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 84k unknown editorial -- ending homelessness -- metrowest daily news.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 20k unknown editorial -- ending homelessness -- waltham daily news.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 600k unknown editorial -- first, try to help -- boston globe 2_8_08.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 28k unknown ending homelessness_year1_report.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 516k unknown endingshelter (narrative).doc 10-Mar-2014 14:03 2280k unknown exec.dir_ intro_reentry.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 20k unknown federal-judge.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 32k unknown final fy 08 liheap combined stats.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 32k [HTM] forty years later.htm 10-Mar-2014 14:03 24k unknown fram org chart.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:03 24k unknown framingham group aims to rebut pilot study report.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:03 32k unknown fuel app instruction list.docx 03-Oct-2017 13:04 248k unknown fuel app instruction list.pdf 07-Nov-2017 18:39 292k unknown full verified complaint signed.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 6092k unknown funding for smoc suit defense questioned.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 20k unknown fy 09 liheap_apllicant id__address.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 20k unknown fy08 liheap income eligibilty info.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 460k unknown g__web documents_judge says framingham put pressur.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 28k unknown ged ceremony.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 104k unknown general hmlp application .pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 128k unknown gja bpi ceus.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja contractor flyer.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 76k unknown gja csl ceus.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja information session.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 124k unknown gja registration 3-day crew chief.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja registration 4-day crew chief.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja registration 4-day wx installer training.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja registration advanced blower door.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja registration combustion safety.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 68k unknown gja registration osha 10.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja registration osha 30.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja registration rrp lead certification.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 72k unknown gja testimonials.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 108k unknown gja training dates.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 56k unknown globe larrys place.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 280k unknown globe3_13_08.[1].pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 2680k unknown globe_serenity_12_24_09.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 52k unknown head start annual report-budget.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 88k unknown home-weather.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 32k unknown income limits.pdf 07-Nov-2017 18:33 108k unknown increased fuel aid may make up for decrese of kennedy groups oil_wassermana_m... 10-Mar-2014 14:04 172k unknown inspectorbolsterssmoc.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 32k unknown interagency council on homelessness.mht 10-Mar-2014 14:04 404k unknown intern volunteer application.doc 12-Jan-2016 17:30 144k unknown irving house briefing 061704.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 492k unknown jim cuddys statement.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 60k unknown judge woodlock summary judgement decision 9 9 10.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 204k unknown kidspace 2 page info flyer.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 132k unknown landlord meeting 3142007.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 236k unknown larrys-place.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 32k unknown lawsuit_selectmen-mee.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 28k unknown lawsuit_smoc-offers-.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 32k unknown letter_mwdailynews_montgomery.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 28k unknown life learning mwdn 6_9_09.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 28k unknown loth,renee opinion from streets... 11_15_10.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 136k unknown mar2018.pdf 28-Feb-2018 20:21 356k unknown marlborough-to-cele.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 44k unknown mdn justuce probe 3_14_08.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 268k unknown mediation.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:04 196k unknown metrowest daily news.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 844k unknown mrc_brochure_web_version32011.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 904k unknown mwdn cold weather homeless response.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 80k unknown mwdn homelessness article.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 836k unknown mwdn motel families jan 2013.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 32k unknown mwdn_volunteers help repair hopkintons ser.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 28k unknown mwdnlawsuit over 10272010 _2_.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 16k unknown mwdnshelterhelpd veterans struggling with addiction, economy-.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 100k unknown neighbors greet smoc plan with questions.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:05 28k unknown new strategy aims to end homelessness 12_24-08.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 36k unknown new tack against domestic violence - the boston globe.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 24k unknown ngrid cutsheets 3-5-08.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 796k unknown ngrid_amp_menu_list_3-05-08l.xls 10-Mar-2014 14:05 44k unknown noonan, antipoverty group to get $1m in suit .pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 28k unknown nstar 3-12-08.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 1120k unknown nstar appliance list 3-12-08.xls 10-Mar-2014 14:05 40k unknown patty h final.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 340k unknown pax center schedule narrative.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 108k unknown pax_11_20_06 presentation.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 808k unknown pax_sample_weekly_schedule.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 84k unknown preapplicationPBVsmoc(14).doc 08-Sep-2015 13:59 352k unknown putting the pieces together.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 5784k unknown rhodes house.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:05 28k unknown rhp 2007 annual report_final.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 168k unknown rwaapplication07182012.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 424k unknown sahrjosiahapril17_09.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:05 28k unknown sec8app.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 700k unknown section 8 income limits avon 2008.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 228k unknown section 8 income limits boston 2008.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 204k unknown sept2018.pdf 06-Sep-2018 18:31 432k unknown september2016.pdf 01-Sep-2016 18:55 308k unknown ses_in_the_news[1].pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 368k unknown settlement agreement oct 26 2010.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 440k unknown sha final application.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 4836k unknown smoc brochure.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 1704k unknown smoc framingham april 2011.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 3000k unknown smoc official a lifetime advocate for addicts.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:06 28k unknown smoc pbv app.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 176k unknown smoc to lead evacuee relief.doc 10-Mar-2014 14:07 32k unknown smoc_areport2010.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 888k unknown smoc_lo_res.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 2312k unknown smocs worc cty housing summary.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 24k unknown soberhousing_program_description.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 280k unknown sowing-the-s.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 32k unknown spitz-ro.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 28k unknown state homeless commission lookds to follow framingham -- mw daily news_1_16_0... 10-Mar-2014 14:07 684k unknown summary of legal action.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 196k unknown team will battle dv.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 20k unknown town letter.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 300k unknown trainingcalendar.pdf 28-Apr-2015 12:23 444k unknown vav article.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 628k unknown voices_book_english.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 272k unknown voices_book_portuguese.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 276k unknown voices_book_spanish.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 268k unknown worctg_money sought_7_11_10.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 24k unknown www.periolous story of pip ending.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 20k unknown wx installer training-detailed info.pdf 10-Mar-2014 14:07 120k unknown year end report.pdf 16-Jul-2018 12:34 80k

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