Addiction Services

Program Description/Services

The Addiction Services component provides services to adults who are experiencing negative consequences due to addiction. Most often the addiction is to alcohol and/or drugs but can also be to other behaviors such as food, gambling or sex. The goal of addiction services is to assist the individual in understanding the purpose the addiction serves in their life, identify the triggers to their addictive pattern and develop coping skills to assist the individual maintain abstinence, and ultimately, thereby improve their quality of life. Although abstinence is the ultimate goal, therapy services are individualized to "meet the person where they are at" in terms of their motivation for change. Engagement and the building and maintenance of a therapeutic relationship with the client are given ultimate importance in the delivery of therapeutic services.

Eligibility Requirements

Specified insurance plans accepted by SBHor meets eligibility for SMOC Housing.

Contact Information

SMOC Behavioral Health Addiction services in Framingham or Marlboro please call 508-879-2250 and speak to our Intake Coordinator at Ext. 145

Program Location

SMOC Behavioral Health Addiction Service provides groups in specific SMOC Housing or residential programs Framingham MA 01702 Telephone 508-879-2250 Fax 508 620-2637 and 230 Maple Street, Marlboro MA 01752 Telephone 508-480-0092 Fax 508-481-1504

Volunteer Opportunities

SMOC BHS is always seeking volunteers for a variety of administrative tasks please contact SMOC Human Resources

Donations Accepted

Donations are accepted and are used to assist clients in accessing services


Internships or practicum's please contact the Director of Clinical Services, acceptance into the internship program is based on education and experience.

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