Crossroads Post Detox

Program Description/Services

Crossroads Post Detox is a program for homeless individuals with chronic relapse histories who are awaiting treatment. The program has a daily capacity of ten participants.

Contact Information

The office phone is (508) 620-2420

Program Location

Call for more info.

Volunteer Opportunities

People can inquiry about a volunteer opportunity at SMOC by calling the Director of Community Resources at the Framingham Resource Center. The number is (508) 620-2418. Once an opportunity is identify within SMOC, an interview is set up by the component director who will request necessary human resources’ processes such as, a CORI check, and employment authorization check.

Donations Accepted

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Annual Statistics

Last year the average daily census was 8.8 people for the year. A total of 84 served clients entered the program during the year. Fourty percent of the participants moved on to Sober Housing or halfway houses.