Executive Listing

SMOC Executive Staff

  • Susan Gentili, Chief Executive Officer
  • David Davidowicz, Senior Director of South Middlesex Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Mike Devlin, Chief Program Officer
  • Tania Diduca, Chief of Staff
  • Mike Hutnak, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mary McGuire, Senior Director, Policy & External Affairs
  • Greg Tutuny, Chief Business Officer
  • Rohey Wadda, Senior Director of Planning and Compliance
  • Jim Wagner, Senior Director of Administration and Finance

Senior Management Staff

  • Darlene Assencoa-Mazurek, Director of Housing and Supportive Services
  • David Cunningham, Director of Regional Operations
  • Joe Fletcher, Division Director - SMOC Behavioral Health
  • Amanda Foster, Division Director - Fuel Assistance and Rental Assistance
  • Tammy Gray, Director of IT
  • Kim Hicks, Director, Family Services
  • Dr. Syed Ali Akbar Jafery, M.D., Medical Director - SMOC Behavioral Health
  • Lesley Kinney, Division Director Head Start, Childcare, Suburban Child
  • Leslie Lee, Director of Program Operations
  • Erin Maki, Controller
  • Terry Maxey, Component Director – Open Pantry Community Services
  • Sharon McCollum, Component Director - WIC
  • Vanh Phommasinh, Director of Satellite Program Operations
  • Esther Powell, Director of Resource Development
  • Steven Strickland, Real Estate Development Director

SMOC Board Of Directors

Board Officers

  • Lawrence Scult, Chair*
  • Faith Tolson, Vice-Chair
  • Tania Diduca, Clerk
  • Ruth Hibbard, Treasurer*

Board Members

  • Bruce Hulme*
  • Carl McCarthy*
  • Dorothy Kennedy
  • Elizabeth Killion
  • Ellen Breen
  • Gabriele Brambilla
  • Gary Baker*
  • Jane Adler
  • Jeffrey Fishman*
  • Joanne Locke*
  • John Ellsworth
  • Joseph Morrissey
  • Pamula Zicko*
  • Richard Twomey
  • Steve Penna
  • William Manley
  • Yesenia Gaudet
  • Yvonne Brown

Board Members Emeritus

  • Kim Battle
  • Paul Prior

    (*) Members of the Executive Committee

South Middlesex Opportunity Council will improve equity, wellness and quality of life for diverse individuals and families by providing advocacy, education, and a wide range of services; building a community of support and inclusion; and creating awareness to combat poverty through partnerships and coalitions with other organizations.