SMOC Family Shelters

Eligibility Requirements

Homeless Families must contact their local Department of Tranistional Assistance (DTA) office to be determined Emergency Assistance Eligible (EA Eligible). The DTA reviews a family's reason for becoming homeless, income, assest, and citizenship. Please refer to the below link to DTA for more information regarding eligibility. Once eligible the local DTA office will refer the family to the SMOC Intake Coordinator who then interviews and places the family in the next available appropriate shelter opening.

SMOC Family Shelters have assisted 181 families during the past year in our shelters. This number is only a small representation of families who are homeless and could benefit from the services of a shelter. Many more families are unable to access shelter due to the eligibility requirements. Families have to be at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level. This means that a family of three nees to be mailing no more that $1,584 a month or $19,018 a year gross. If a family makes even $1 over that amount, (TAFDC, Childcare, and SSI are considered income), then the family is not eligible for shelter, but at the same time, they also can not afford an apartment.

If your family is currently experiencing homelessness, please contact your local Department of Transitional Assistance office for eligibility guidelines. All referrals to the Family Shelters are made through DTA. A list of DTA offices can be found on this web-site:

SMOC has four Family Shelter Programs they are:

  • Pathways Family Shelter
  • Medway Family Shelter
  • Scattered Sites Family Shelter
  • Sage Family Shelter
  • Pearl Street Shelter
  • Gordon Street Shelter
  • Willis House

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