What is SMOC?

The South Middlesex Opportunity Council, SMOC, is a community-based non-profit organization that provides a broad spectrum of Behavioral Health Care, Community Development (economic, workforce development, housing) services in local communities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

When did SMOC start?

SMOC was incorporated in 1965. It was started when a local group of community residents came together according to the mandates of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 and formed a local anti-poverty agency. SMOC was one of the nearly 1,000 agencies that got its start during that period. For more information, you might want to check out the history of SMOC, entitled “Building a Culture of Care,” by Hugo Hollerorth. Please click on the appropriate category of the website for more information.

How is SMOC governed?

SMOC is governed by a 21-member Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers. In addition to the Board of Directors and its various committees, there are Advisory Boards representing SMOC’s affiliate organizations.

What does SMOC do?

Quickly put, we provide Behavioral Healthcare Services, Community Development Services and Social Services. For more information, please click on the “Services” button on the above bar, or click on the “SMOC Brochure” button in the “About Us.” Category.

How many people work for SMOC?

Approximately 750 people are employed by the organization.

What is SMOC's budget?

SMOC’s current annual operating budget is approximately $140m.

How is SMOC funded?

SMOC’s funding comes from a variety of sources. Those sources include: State budget contracts, Federal budget contracts, Municipal contracts, Foundation grants, allocations from three different United Ways, insurance payments (for our Behavioral Healthcare programs), financial institution and quasi-public lenders (for our Housing Development services) and fundraising. While the money we receive from donations and fundraising does not make up a large portion of our budget, it is essential to our ability to provide our services in the community.

Who does SMOC provide services to?

SMOC primarily provides services to disadvantaged families and single adults. Many of SMOC’s programs provide services to families who are coping with a disabled member and single adults who are disabled. SMOC has a special mission of providing services to unaccompanied single adults who are disadvantaged and disabled and are, or at risk of, being homeless.

How many people receive services from SMOC?

Approximately 70,000 different people received services from SMOC last year.

Where does SMOC provide services?

The majority of SMOC’s services are provided to the residents of the ten original towns we were founded to serve. Over the years, SMOC’s service territory has expanded to recognize the funding geography of our various State and Federal contracts. In addition, SMOC is now affiliated with organizations that provide services in Greater Springfield, Worcester County and Northern Middlesex County. Currently, SMOC provides services in more than 75 different communities.

South Middlesex Opportunity Council will improve equity, wellness and quality of life for diverse individuals and families by providing advocacy, education, and a wide range of services; building a community of support and inclusion; and creating awareness to combat poverty through partnerships and coalitions with other organizations.