Out of caution for the health and safety of our community, our offices will remain closed until further notice. SMOC staff are working remotely to continue to provide essential services. All 24 hour facilities remain open.
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Framingham Recovery Support Center

The Framingham Recovery Support Center is a 'recovery-oriented sanctuary' anchored in the heart of downtown Framingham, where peer-to-peer recovery support services rely on a volunteer/member base to deliver services that are responsive to the recovery community needs assessment. The center incorporates a mix of emotional, informational, instrumental and affiliation supports to deliver a wide range of programming that is peer determined and run. There are a wide variety of pathways and resources that can be used to recover in a way that suits the unique needs of the person recovering. Whether we subscribe to one or more of these methods or pathways, it is our responsibility as members of the recovery community to better inform ourselves (and others) of the other options out there rather than suggesting that our way is the only way.

The mission of the Framingham Recovery Support Center is to help our Recovery Community grow strong within a supportive, safe and non judgement environment. We seek to assist members of our Recovery Community by offering Multiple Pathways to the same end goal: sustained, productive, long-term recovery for those people in need and most affected by substance use disorder and related behavioral disorders.

The Framingham Recovery Support Center is sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services in collaboration with the South Middlesex Opportunity Council.

Due to the pandemic, the Center is operating by appointment only, and is offering various in-person groups throughout the week. Participants are asked to visit the Framingham Recovery Support Center Facebook page to see available calendar of events along with instructions for in-person and online groups. Reach out to staff either by email or by call. We want to hear from you, and we want you to know we're here to help.

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March Calendar:

19 Concord Street Suite 1
Framingham, Ma 01702

Email: framinghamrecoverysupportcenter@smoc.org
Phone: 508-424-2520
Fax: 508-424-2521

Amy Odell
508-424-2520 X201

Fotios Mpouris
Volunteer Coordinator
508-424-2520 X202

Nichole Philbrick
Peer Engagement Specialist
508-424-2520 X203

To improve the quality of life of low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families by advocating for their needs and rights; providing services; educating the community; building a community of support; participating in coalitions with other advocates and searching for new resources and partnerships.