Home Modification Loan Program

Program Description/Services

The Home Modification Loan Program provides 0% or 3% interest loans up to $50,000 to modify homes of elders and individuals with disabilities.

Our mission is to enable a person with a disability to continue to live in his/her home, be as independent as possible and continue to play an active role in his/her community.

Eligibility Requirements

Loans are available to individual homeowners that meet income guidelines based on HUD published median income for the Boston MESA and are updated annually.

The program is not based on credit worthiness and most of the time the homeowner qualifies for a 0% deferred payment loan, which translates to no monthly payments and no added monthly financial burden. Call for details.


Contact Information

Metrowest Area: Linda Hochen (508) 620-2682 lhochen@smoc.org
345 Union Ave. Framingham, 01702

Southeast Area: Amy Allen (508) 202-5919 aallen@smoc.org
P.O. Box 1140, Plymouth, MA 02362

For More Information: http://www.mass.gov/mrc/hmlp

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