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SMOC Housing Consumer Education Center

Homes For Good Program

7 Bishop Street · Framingham MA 01702
508-620-2675 800-724-7662 · FAX 508-620-2612

Information Advocacy and Referral for Tenants Homeowners
and Property Owners in MetroWest

The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has contracted the Homes for Good program to nine Housing Consumer Education Centers(HCEC) in Massachusetts to assist in buying and selling of the resale of all homes built under its Homeownership Opportunity Program.

Information for current Homeowner Opportunity Program (HOP) or Local Initiative Program (LIP) Home Owners:

These homes are Deed Restricted and must be resold to another income eligible borrower. The DHCD has the right of first refusal when the house goes on the market. The Deed Rider requires that you comply with certain restrictions so that the home will remain affordable for subsequent owners. SMOC’s HCEC program will work with current HOP and LIP Homeowners to ensure that all aspects of the sale of their home are performed in compliance with the deed rider. The HCEC representative can also assist with marketing homeowner’s property to a pool of eligible buyers, show the property at times convenient to the homeowner and assisting the homeowner through the entire sale process. If you decide to list your house with a real estate agency, we will work with you and the agency to ensure that you find an eligible buyer, as required by DHCD.

You may be years away from selling your home, but we still want you to know that, when and if you decide to sell, we are here to assist you in meeting the terms of your agreement with DHCD.

Information for Perspective Home Buyers

Perspective Home Buyers can get on to a "Ready To Buy" list. There are three forms of pre-qualifications:

  1. Perspective buyer must have taken a First Time Home Buyer Course that have received CHAPA's Seal of Approval. For a list of agencies click here: Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative
  2. Fill out and application for the Ready Buyers List.
  3. Send in a letter of pre-qualification from your mortgage company. This may be free of charge f rom your bank.

Within each individual town, they may require other pre-qualifications.

For more information call the Home Center at 508-620-2675

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