Smoc In The News


12/24/08, Moran, L., Metrowest Daily News: New Strategy Aims to End Homelessness

12/06/08, McDonald, D., Metrowest Daily News: Inspector Bolsters SMOC Case Against Town

10/28/08, Cuddy, J., Guest Columnist, Metrowest Daily News: SMOC Seeks 'Respectful Dialogue' with Framingham

10/25/08, McDonald, D., Metrowest Daily News: Home Weatherization Can be Costly or Free

10/24/08, Morton, M., Metrowest Daily News: A Focus on Mental Health of Children

7/31/08, McDonald, D., Metrowest Daily News: Federal Judge Weighs SMOC Claims

7/17/08, McDonald, D., Metrowest Daily News: Sowing the 'Seeds of Sobriety'

4/5/08, Hammel, L., Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Fewer People Living in Shelters

3/14/08, McDonald, D., Metrowest Daily News: Federal Investigators to Probe Framingahm Over SMOC Case

United States Interagency Council on Homelessness: 20 Innovative Initiatives on Ending Homelessness

Scroll to Innovation #15: Creating Housing, Closing Shelters, Ending Homelessness: Transforming Policy and Practice in One Community Agency in Massachusetts

3/13/08, Ellement, J., Boston Globe: Bias Probe Targets Framingham

3/10/08, Letter / Montgomery, D., Metrowest Daily News: A Victory for SMOC's Sage House

2/28/08, Perez-Brennan, T., Boston Globe: New Tack Against Domestic Violence Program Identifies High-Risk Cases

2/12/08, MacCormack, C., Metrowest Daily News: Framingham Group Aims to Rebut PILOT Study

2/8/08 -- Editorial, Boston Globe: First, Try to Help

2/1/08, Reuell, P., Metrowest Daily News: Team Will Battle "Epidemic" of Domestic Violence

1/17/08 - Editorial, Waltham Daily News: Ending Homelessness

1/16/08 -- Editiorial: Ending Homelessness -- Metrowest Daily News

1/16/08, Metrowest Daily News: State Homeless Commission Looks to Follow Framingham

1/7/08 -- Editorial, Metrowest Daily News: Town Should Welcome Larry's Place

South Middlesex Opportunity Council will improve equity, wellness and quality of life for diverse individuals and families by providing advocacy, education, and a wide range of services; building a community of support and inclusion; and creating awareness to combat poverty through partnerships and coalitions with other organizations.