Property & Asset Management

The SMOC Housing Corporation includes four primary operating units that serve a variety of operating, property, business, and administrative and fiscal functions. The SMOC Housing Corporation’s central role is to manage the agency’s real estate portfolio and advance the community development objectives in order for the organizational goals and mission to be achieved.

Property Management & Housing Operations Unit

This unit is charged with leading all leasing, marketing, outreach and tenant placement activities. This includes full coordination of the leasing process, tenant relations, contract and funding compliance reporting, benefit and income determination, evictions, social service coordination, case management, occupancy thresholds and rental income performance.

Business and Administrative Unit

This unit serves as the central control vehicle for fiscal management and compliance. This includes the monitoring and managing of all expenditures, revenue collections, loan reporting requirements and overall property fiscal performance. This unit is also responsible for the primary interface with the agency’s central Administration Department supporting their functions of cost controls, audit and contract compliance and internal control measures

Maintenance, Facilities and Property Services Unit

This unit provides continuous property maintenance and repair services to all leased and owned properties within the SMOC Housing Corporation's responsibility umbrella. The Maintenance Team is designed to respond 24/7 to all emergencies and maintenance requests as well as to provide routine and preventative maintenance. This unit is designed around an "Operations Center" that fields all maintenance requests, dispatches personnel and subcontractors and provides priority and strategic planning.

Development Unit

see Development page for information.

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