Sage House Residential Family Treatment Program

Program Description/Services

Sage House provides a comprehensive range of services to families (male head of household with children and/or couples with children) with chronic substance abuse problems. The average length of for clients is six to eight months. The program objective is to increase unconditional self, acceptance, self-direction, independent functioning and emotional resilience while decreasing at-risk behaviors.

The programs mission: “We Listen, We Focus on Behaviors, We Offer Choices, and We are Open to Change.”

The program has as its goals:

  • Pursue recovery from chemical dependency
    GOAL: The family will leave the program with the understanding of the nature and the effects of chemical dependency and given skills to lead a life free of substance abuse.
  • Pursue recovery from past harm
    GOAL: The family will leave the program with the skill needed to deal with past abuse in a positive and proactive fashion.
  • Enhance parent/child interaction
    GOAL: To provide tools needed to establish new and more effective communication and nurturing patterns between parents and children.
  • Strengthen parenting skills
    GOAL: To have clients leaving the program to understand basic parenting skills and how to break abusive/dysfunctional cycles of family interaction.
  • Reuniting the family
    GOAL: To ensure safe and successful transitions for all of the families and their children.
  • Employment
    GOAL: To ensure that clients leave the program with some sort of employment or with a plan to establish employment.

Services Include:

Case Planning: An individualized plan of treatment and service is carefully developed for each adult client and child within 30 days of placement. Progress and needs of the client are reviewed by the clinical team.

Therapeutic Intervention: Individual therapy, group therapy and behavior therapy modification, crisis intervention and psychiatric services including monthly medication review and life skills training are services available to clients.

Case Management: Ongoing case management services include housing, education, employment and budget planning. Weekly meetings are held to discuss progress and treatment needs.

Client Training: All clients will be provided with an opportunity to attend specific trainings including Behavior Intervention, CPR and First Aid, Addictive Behaviors, Health Awareness, and Nutrition.

Eligibility Requirements

The Sage House provides services to homeless families or families who are at risk of homelessness due to substance abuse. Eligible participants are two parent or single parent male head of household families in which the head of household is in need of substance abuse treatment.

Consideration for the admission into the program requires that an individual is not at risk for physical withdrawal and is assessed with an alcohol and/or drug dependency disorder based on established diagnostic criteria. A prospective client must be medically and behaviorally stable and able to comply with program rules, and participate in treatment planning procedures.

All referrals come through the Institute for Health and Recovery (IHR) Call 617-661-3991

Program Location

Sage House is located in a serene, residential setting in the greater MetroWest region of Massachusetts, close to recreational areas and public transportation. For more information please call us at (508) 626-2586

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